Half Pelican

Half Pelican

Half Pelican (Andy Reiner and Dr. Joy Adams) plays cosmic acoustic grooves influenced by Appalachian, Bluegrass, Celtic, Scandinavian and Pre-Historic music.  Dance and wiggle to their original and traditional songs and tunes performed on cello, fiddle, octave mandolin, and clawhammer banjo with sweet vocal harmonies!

Half Pelican has embarked on a new journey to take their music to new heights - on 36 mountains higher than 14,000 feet!  On each summit:

- Dr. Joy Adams will perform one of Bach's 36 cello suite movements.

- Andy and Joy will perform - as a duo and sometimes with special guest Pelicans - fiddle tunes, free improvisations and songs.

Check back often for new summit videos and stay in touch to join us for future musical summits!