Andy Reiner

fiddler ~ composer ~ educator

Notes from Andy:

For beginners: Learn to fiddle with the O'Connor Violin Method! This loosely parallels the Suzuki Method but focuses on music from North America. I am one of the first 50 teachers certified in the method and teach annually in SC and Boston Mark O'Connor's fiddle camps. It's fortified with creative options and will leave your child (or yourself!) inspired and ready to play any kind of music in the future including classical! 

- Don't want to use the O'Connor Method? We'll focus on the style(s) and music that interest you the most.

For intermediates, advanced, experts, and anyone else: 

I approach each student as an individual; everyone has different goals and learning styles. Lessons with me focus on the music YOU want to learn while utilizing your strengths, accelerating your learning process and making the most of your time. We'll go beyond the notes and put you on a path to accomplishing your short and long term goals. Whether you want to learn tunes, techniques, work on improvisation, or all of the above, I've got you covered, across all genres (Irish, Bluegrass, Scottish, Cape Breton, Gypsy Jazz, Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal, Swedish, Quebequois, how to play with singer-songwriters, tunewriting, improvising over chords and forms, free improv, fiddle contest preparation, wedding gig music, singing and playing at the same time, etc.)

I am a creative, composing, touring professional musician who is a passionate and inspiring educator focused on individual attention and doing what works best for each individual student. I put a big emphasis on the mental aspects of music and how to maintain a healthy musical attitude which fosters more fun, respect, and deeper learning.

As I am a professional musician, my teaching schedule may change based on my touring schedule so if you require lessons every single week, I may not be the best match. If you are ok with a flexible schedule, consider working with a creative musician who is playing, composing, and working with the newest ideas in music and teaching, and jamming with the best players in the nation. 

Depending on the day of the week, I teach at different locations. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I teach in the Erie, Broomfield, Lafayette, and Louisville areas. Thursdays I teach at a lesson center in downtown Denver. Timing is flexible and if you are anywhere between Denver and Boulder I guarantee we can make it work.

Don't take my word for it, listen to my music online and decide if you want to learn from me. Please email me with any questions and I will promptly send you the rest of the details.  Thank you for reading this far and I hope we'll be playing music in the future!

"I have been practicing every day and have some new found inspiration... Thanks to you. Loving exploring my cello with a fresh mind and letting go of those negative thoughts that have inhibited my growth."

- Jennifer

"My playing has definitely improved since our lesson. Thank you for the much needed guidance!"

- Faith

"Thanks again Andy, . . . (the tunes) sounded more fun than ever before - another dimension to practicing entirely and a good way to fight the occasional practice blues!"

- Rosita

"Both the workshops and the concert were really inspiring; we had a blast . . . you'll be amazed at the breadth and depth of his teaching style. Andy teaches all levels with skill and humor and ease!"

- Beth

"An amazing musical mentor. Introducing new styles and techniques to my son. Knowledgable, professional, patient and a lot of fun! Thank you Andy!  We are greatful to have you here!"

- Annette

Lessons are available in person in the Boulder / Denver area and online through Skype.  Email Andy to get started!

In home (Boulder/Louisville/Erie/Lafayette/Broomfield, CO)

Skype, Anywhere on planet Earth!


Andy also strongly endorses learning online from the Creative Strings Academy.

   "Equally amazing as a prolific composer/arranger, performer, and educator, Andy Reiner IS the complete package. One of the most well-rounded young artists in contemporary string playing, Andy carries himself with the wisdom of someone twice his years, bringing a self-assured presence, unique voice,  refreshing optimism and all-around positivity to every project he is a part of, setting a tone for all who work with him in any capacity to feel total joy and affirmation, (which is what we should feel whenever we are doing music!)

   I don't think I have ever met someone as young as Andy who gets it on so many levels, displaying such maturity and passion for being of service to students and teachers. When he taught at my camp, he worked harder than anyone, slept less than anyone, and consistently wore the most genuine smile. He made everyone feel welcome and included. My own daughter, who has seen every virtuoso under the sun, was most impressed with Andy and made me buy his t-shirt and all his cd's at a time in her development when I was afraid she might give up on the violin.  Hire Andy Reiner NOW, because in five years his calendar will be absolutely full and none of us will be able to afford him!!"

-Christian Howes,

violinist, entrepreneur, performer, educator, producer, director of Creative Strings Academy and Creative Strings Workshop