Andy Reiner

fiddler ~ composer ~ educator

“Andy is a wonderful string writer and conceptualizer,

one of the groundbreakers in a largely untapped genre.”

- Bruce Thomas, Composer & Berklee College of Music Professor

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Andy’s string orchestra pieces have been performed by the Berklee String Orchestra, conducted by Eugene Friesen, in the prestigious the Kennedy Center, National ASTA Conferences, and the Berklee Performance Center.  His compositions feature new melodies influenced by American and world folk music, polyrhythms, improvised solos, contemporary string techniques, and have introduced a new rhythmic vocabulary to string orchestra music.  His arrangements of traditional fiddle tunes combine the best of old and new aesthetics - morphing timeless melodies into a band of pulsing and grooving strings.

Many pieces include sections for 1 or more improvised solos.  Every piece works for string quartet or quintet, and if you have a special group, Andy can arrange his pieces to fit your ensemble.  Difficulty ranges from professional to middle school.  If you would like to commission a new work, please send an email to  Contact Andy for hard copy orders (default is email delivery of PDFs).

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For rhythmically capable string orchestras or string ensembles, the Fiddle Suite for String Orchestra brings three original fiddle tunes together in a patchwork of linked themes and twisted rhythms.  Andy’s most ambitious work to date, the Fiddle Suite is an epic exploration of the possibilities for fiddle music in a concert setting.


Blue Sky Basin is an energetic and mysterious exploration of the use of the string orchestra as a fiddle groove machine.  Interlocking polyrhythms and weaving themes make Blue Sky Basin an unforgettable experience.  Solo violin can be improvised or play written solo.  


Classic Appalachian fiddle tune arranged by Andy Reiner for high school and professional string orchestras.  This arrangement features rhythmic string playing and contains a solo section (improvised or written out solo) that can be looped to include multiple soloists.


Published by Wingert-Jones Publications: The eerie sounds of loons can be heard under the night moon.  This original work in 3/4 echoes their bizarre calls into the night. When all the people are asleep, these lake birds have their own party, and the orchestra becomes an acoustic heavy-metal band!


An exploration in 5 that grows like the unique sea coral organism.

  Space for one or more solos!  High School / Professional Level

Lettuce Inn

Fusing Swedish and Klezmer sensibilities in 3/4 polska time and beautiful counterpoint.  High School / Professional Level

Solitary Cloud

Solitary Cloud spreads a half time groove down across a string section with bluesy cello riffs to lay the foundation for 1 or 2 improvising soloist(s).  Suitable for Middle School to Professional String Orchestras and other formations.


Traditional Appalachian tune, arranged by Andy Reiner.  Originally performed with fiddle soloists Bruce Molsky and Darol Anger!  Having 2 fiddle soloists is intrinsic to this arrangement.

Spark in the Dark

A waltz by Julie Vallimont and Max Newman of the band Nor’easter, arranged by Andy Reiner.  This is an ensemble piece and features lush strings that interlock in deliciously rhythmic and cinematic ways.

Level: High School/Professional

Fiddle Suite

Fiddle Suite - Full Score and Parts

Cluck Old Hen

Cluck Old Hen - Full Score and Parts

Coral - Full Score and Parts

Lettuce Inn - Full Score and Parts

Solitary Cloud - Full Score and Parts

Richmond - Full Score and Parts

Spark in the Dark -

Full Score and Parts


Jailbreak Reel

Andy's arrangement of an original tune co-written with students of the Charleston, SC O'Connor Method Camp.  Syncopated rhythms and massive development of a memorable fiddle tune will delight advanced middle school to high school orchestras!

Jailbreak Reel - Full Score and Parts

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is based on a catchy new original tune in the tradition of Irish polkas.  All members of the orchestra play melody, rhythm, and counterpoint parts.   New in 2015, Hidden Valley is suitable for 2nd year players and up!

Hidden Valley - Full Score and Parts

Commission a New Work!

Let Andy Reiner create the perfect piece for your string group based on your parameters and needs!  

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Each member of the orchestra becomes a Bassasaurus Rex, Celloceratops, Violaraptor or a Violinadactyl in Cellosaurus Stomp, which incorporates choreographed movement and singing alongside the more traditional arco and pizzicato techniques.  For prehistoric middle schools and up.  (Dance by Joy Adams)

Cellosaurus Stomp - Full Score and Parts


Give your strings an opportunity to improvise!  Continuously changing textures with sight-readable rhythms provide a flowing foundation of catchy riffs as multiple soloists from each section improvise over simple chord changes.

Contact Grand Mesa Music at for the Pre-Publication Version & watch for the Official Published Version coming in 2018!

Sky Pond

Sky Pond - Full Score and Parts

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