1. Shannon Breeze (Traditional, Ireland)

2. Mindframe (Andy Reiner, Fiddle Barn Productions, ASCAP)

3. Shaking Down The Acorns (Traditional, USA)

4. Canyon Sunrise (Andy Reiner & Jon Sousa, Fiddle Barn Productions, ASCAP)

5. Granite Creek (Andy Reiner, Fiddle Barn Productions, ASCAP)

6. Liza Jane’s Goodbye To Bear Island (Traditional, USA / Ireland)

7. 아리랑 Arirang (Traditional, Korea)

8. Boil Them Cabbage Down (Traditional, USA)

9. The Gander in James McMahon's Pratie Hole (Traditional, Ireland)

10. Dawning of the Day (Traditional, Ireland)

11. Say Old Man Can You Play The Fiddle (Traditional, USA)

12. แคนลาวกระทบไม้ Khaen Lao Krathop Mai (Traditional, Thailand)

Andy Reiner - Fiddle, Octave Mandolin

Jon Sousa - Guitar, Tenor Banjo

Total Running Time: 49:57

Recorded January 2016 at Sousaworks Studios in Boulder, Colorado

Produced by Andy Reiner and Jon Sousa

Engineered by Jon Sousa

Photography by Julie Kruger

Design by Adam Agee

2016 Debut Release: Canyon Sunrise