Rustic Roots

campfire jamming camp

August 7-13, 2017

Everson Ranch,

Moffat, Colorado

7th Annual

One of the highlights of Rustic Roots is the food.  Only by a communal effort does everyone get fed.  Food at RR is a collaboration, and has ranged from fresh Maine mussels to vegetable curries, grilled meat, salads, soups, appetizers, desserts and more!  Everyone makes large quantities - bring plenty to share!  The karma is good here.  Bring a cooler! (do you need separate drink and food coolers?)  There is very limited fridge space but a fair amount of freezer space in the large communal kitchen.

Cooking options:

- Large communal kitchen with 6 burners and oven

- Cook on a grate over campfire coals

- Aluminum foil packs in the fire (potatoes, vegetables...)

- 2 burner stove that runs on energy from the septic system (whoa, cool!)

- Several propane grills are available

- Your own camp stove

Breakfast and Lunch - everyone is on their own, but collaboration is encouraged!

Dinner - Big communal feasts every night!  There will be at least one huge one-pot dish every night which is supplemented by the rest of the community making their favorite dishes to share.  We try in many cases to keep vegetables and meat separate, and communicate about allergens such as gluten, nuts, etc to make sure as many people as people can eat most if not all of the food!  There is no direction as to genre of food - yet all six previous years have had complete and nutritious meals of dazzling variety and brilliance and we expect this will continue in 2017 at the ranch.  Bring the ingrediants to make your favorite food and everyone will share everything and feel wonderful.

Midnight Snack - Typically leans towards sausages cooked over the fire, but a vegetarian just might start a new trend this year.  What'll it be?  Think fast and easy so you can get back to playing music.  

Meat from Everson Ranch! One of the perks of our new location is the availability of meat from the ranch animals.  Several days prior to camp, we will email all registered Rustic Rootians (campers) about the prices and availability of which animals, which will DEFINITELY include sausage and more.  This can be reserved in advance or purchased during the week.  We won't know exact prices etc. until the week of due to the nature of what is available but it will resemble other organic practices (but not certified) meat.  

Beverages - Drinking water is available, free, plentiful, and extraordinarily local!  BYO for everything else.  We highly recommend lower alcohol beers (endurance!) and cases of canned sparkling water.  And consider contributing a bottle to our "whiskey rock" tradition, a communal rock piled with spirits.