August 6-12, 2018 - Everson Ranch - San Luis Valley - Colorado

Food at RR is a collaboration - every camper and teaching artist cooks their favorite dishes and collaborates on new creations to share with everyone for lunch and dinner.  Our unique relationship with the Everson Ranch allows us to access the community garden for vegetables daily and to purchase meat from the farm / adjacent pastures!  As local as it gets - stop at a grocery store on your way to camp for everything else.  We learn new techniques from each other, the "cooking jams" are legendary, and the end result, buffets of diverse colors, cooked with love.

campfire jamming camp

music, food & mountains!

Camp Chief Andy picking veggies for a salad

"Take a risky walk to the whisky rock"

Here's what's available for your cooking pleasure:

- Large communal kitchen with 6 burners and oven

- Cook on a grate over campfire coals

- Aluminum foil packs in the fire (potatoes, vegetables...)

- 2 burner stove that runs on energy from the septic system (whoa, cool!)

- Several propane grills are available

- Your own camp stove

Breakfast - Everyone is on their own, but collaboration is encouraged!

Lunch and Dinner - Big communal feasts!  We try in many cases to keep vegetables and meat separate, and communicate about allergens such as gluten, nuts, etc to make sure as many people can eat most if not all of the food!  There is no direction as to genre of food - yet all seven previous years have had complete and nutritious meals of dazzling variety and brilliance and we expect this will continue in 2018 at the ranch.  Bring the ingredients to make your favorite food and everyone will share everything and feel wonderful.  You are not required to cook for every meal, but you should plan on cooking or learning about cooking as often as you are willing.  No one has ever gone hungry at Rustic Roots.

Midnight Snack - Typically leans towards sausages cooked over the fire, but a vegetarian just might start a new trend this year.  What'll it be?  Think fast and easy so you can get back to playing music.  

Vegetables and Meat From Everson Ranch - Yum yum yum!  Farm-to-table!  All organic.  Please bring cash for any meat / vegetable purchases at camp.  Exact prices and garden work/trade details TBA.

Beverages - Drinking water is available, free, plentiful, and extraordinarily local!  BYO for everything else.  We highly recommend lower alcohol beers (endurance!) and cases of canned sparkling water.  And consider contributing a bottle to our "whiskey rock" tradition, a communal rock piled with spirits.