Rustic Roots

campfire jamming camp

August 7-13, 2017

Everson Ranch,

Moffat, Colorado

7th Annual


Rustic Roots is an amazing opportunity to have an incredible amount of fun, learn heaps of music, jam ‘til you drop all with campfires, stone soups and creative collaborative cooking, and more music and more music and more music.  And mountains and hot springs!  Piles of participation with the emphasis on spirit as well as technique.  Get primal!  Come prepared - have your camping gear in order, bring food, extra strings, etc (see camping info for full details).  We intend to send you home exhausted, with a head and heart filled with music and stomach and soul filled with the best possible food.  Come be a part of this ancient magical mystical world of music and jamming!

Rustic Roots campfire jamming camp features music classes from individual instruments to large group mixed instruments to acapella.  Our teaching artists are all inspiring players, educators, jam leaders and chefs.  Some workshops are instrument specific while others include mixed instruments or just voices and are geared towards jamming strategies, repertoire and musical goals.

The Everson Ranch is at 7,759'.  If you are coming from sea level, prepare to drink extra water and get as much sleep as possible beforehand and while you attend!

If you are flying or an inexperienced camper - be in touch!  We can help you figure out what you need and in some cases it may be possible to borrow certain gear.  We help organize carpools and anything is possible.  If you would love to come but there is a 'but,' please be in touch and we will solve ALL of your problems!!! - 781-696-7724

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of music is played at Rustic Roots?

diverse acoustic music - campfire singalongs, bluegrass, blues, old time Appalachian fiddle tunes, Scandinavian, Irish, sea shanties, Grateful Dead, new original songs, tunes, swing, improvised music and more!!!

What is the schedule like?

Morning and afternoon workshops.  Evening and nighttime jams.  Teaching artists are available beyond their classes to help music campers accomplish their goals for the week.  The schedule is always subject to change and is created based on all campers levels and musical needs.  Everyone on their own for breakfast and lunch / collaboration is recommended.  Dinner is potluck style everybody make their favorite foods!  The schedule will not be the same every day.  Certain days and times will feature optional but recommended excursions to places like bat cave hike and shanty sings, hot springs, and Great Sand Dunes National Park.

How does it work with the Wernick Method Jamming classes?  

Take the Wernick Method Bluegrass Jam Camp Tues./Wed. to warm up for the weekend jamming/campout at Rustic Roots (August 7-13, Mon/Sun.), or attend the first part of the Rustic Roots week and take the 2-day Wernick Method camp on those days. Many options for registration and family fun!

Find out more information here by clicking here for the official Rustic Roots Wernick Method Jamming Camp Page

What airport should I fly to?

Denver International Airport is a hub - affordable flights from everywhere!  Rent a car / carpool / we will help find rides for those who need them.

How do I get there?

     By car - drive your own or carpool.  Everson Ranch is 3.5 hours from the Denver area.  The Rustic Roots team will help arrange carpools in weeks/days before camp.  

     The Everson Ranch is at: 64393 County Road GG, Moffat, CO 81143.  Recommended route from Denver area is 285 South.  Follow 285 South to CO-17 (sign for Joyful Journey Hot Springs).  Take the exit for County Road GG.  Turn right at County Road 61 and enter the first driveway on the left.

Can I just show up without registering?

Sure, but be prepared with cash or check in hand, and daylight is preferred.


Can I attend for just one day or a fraction of the full camp?

While we hope you will attend the full camp for the full experience, we do offer rates for fewer days.  You are free to come and go based on your life schedule... but we are in the middle of nowhere so you might as well stay all week for more jams, food, musical nutrition, mountains, hot springs and big times!

What about a power outlet to charge my phone/recording device/whatever?

We will have several power strips set up in the kitchen/bathhouse.

Wait, so Colorado... does that mean, marijuana?

Smoking is allowed around the campfires or in vehicles only due to fire danger.  There are many dispensaries on the way from the Denver area (or wherever you are coming from), and several down the road in the town of Moffat within 10-15 minutes away.

Do I need to wear clothes?

Everson ranch is clothing optional.  But clothes are really nice, and comfortable!  

I have a prior commitment on one of the days.  Can I leave and come back?


I do not play an instrument or sing.  Can I attend Rustic Roots?

Yes.  We have rates for non-musicians to be a part of all festivities, camping, and the epic improvised campfire meals.

I do not play an instrument but love to sing.  Can I attend Rustic Roots?

Singing around a campfire is one of the greatest parts of RR!  We feature  Voice, Songwriting, harmony, and Sea Shanty classes. 

I am a beginner on my instrument.  Can I still attend?

All are welcome to come be a part of the vibe!  Be ready for a lot of learning by ear!  And know that we have many joiny-inny singalongs!

Will there be “slow jams?”

People of all levels are free to jam spontaneously anytime, anywhere.  Many of the campfire jams will be up to speed and you will be immersed in new songs and tunes.  All places on the site are always available for jams.  

Can I bring my camper/trailer/RV to sleep instead of a tent?

Of course you can, and we have plenty of parking!  However all camping spots are "primitive" with no hookups.

I have dietary restrictions.  Will the food be OK for me to eat?

While we cannot promise each food item will work for every person, meat tends to be prepared separately from veggies.  If you have special dietary issues we highly recommend bringing plentiful food that is safe for you to eat.  There are also gluten-free and vegetarian people among us.  Perhaps you might consider making a big communal meal out of one of your favorite and safest staples.

Do I have to provide all of my own camping equipment?

Yes.  If you will need it, bring it.  If you are flying, send an email to to arrange any items that you are unable to bring.  We are flexible and we will make it happen for you!!

Can I bring my child?

Yes - all are welcome - under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

I’m undecided - can I show up at camp for a day to check it out?

The only way to attend Rustic Roots is to register in advance.  You can register up for just one day!  Walk ins only acceptable with cash or check payment in hand.

My question was not answered here.

Please see the Camping Info page or send an email to