Rustic Roots

August 7-13, 2017

Everson Ranch,

Moffat, Colorado

campfire jamming camp




This is a real camp.

Each camper (and instructor) must bring:


Sleeping Gear

Food (vegetables, meat, grains, etc.)


Coolers to store your food

Layers!  (chilly at night)

Extra Toilet Paper


Communal dinners: contribute or donate

BYOB - homebrewers encouraged! 

(bring lots of beer if you like to drink lots of beer!)


Long spatulas and tongs!

way to make coffee or tea (french press?)

Camping Plate/Bowl/Cutlery

Eating utensils, plates, etc. should be washable or burnable - minimal plastic trash and please no styrofoam.

Fingerless gloves?

If you are flying, send an email to to arrange any items that you are unable to bring.  We are flexible and we will make it happen for you!!

There will be running water available for drinking/washing. 

There is a daily ice run for $

(bring small bills for ice!)

In addition to the music, this will be a party atmosphere by night around the fire.

Leave no trace - pack in/pack out

Everyone pitches in

Ridesharing if you can

Campfire every night

Communal Dinner every night

Showers and bathrooms are available as well as porta-potties and primitive lats.

Recommended hiking gear:

Hiking boots/shoes

Camelbak / water reservoir


Non-Cotton Socks