music, food & mountains!

August 6-12, 2018 - Everson Ranch - San Luis Valley - Colorado

campfire jamming camp


The San Luis Valley is pleasant and warm during the day and cool/cold by night.  Weather can change quickly in the mountains, but we can see it coming much of the time from our epic view.  Be ready for anything - Sun!  Wind!  Cold!  Rain!  Dust!  Fun!  Jams!  Making Friends!

Stuff you can't live without:

Tent (or sign up for the "hostel tent")

Real Sunglasses!

      UV Protection etc.

Sleeping Gear

     camping pad recommended

     sleeping bag or sheets/blankets

     pillows (normal or travel pillows or stuff a pillowcase with clothes)

     remember it is cold at night!  Warm things!


     Headlamps are great

     bring extra batteries!

Food for breakfast and lunch (vegetables, meat, grains, etc.)

Food for communal dinner (to collaborate or on your own)


Coolers to store your food

Layers and a real jacket  (chilly at night)

Extra Toilet Paper (just in case!)

Sunscreen (we have many shady spots but the sun is hot!)


     bring lots of beer if you like to drink lots of beer!

     homebrewers encouraged!

     whiskey or hard liquor for whiskey rock (communal)

     anything you like!

Eating gear



     Fork / Knife / Spoon


Cooking Gear (more is better!)

     Spatula, tongs, soup spoons etc.

     Your favorite pot(s) / skillets

     Camp stove if you have one

A way to make coffee or tea (french press? pourover? percolator?)


     Fingerless gloves for playing music in the cool nighttime

     Gloves for anytime

     Gloves for hot cooking over or in the campfire

Your Instruments!  (common or bizarre)

     extra strings?

a positive attitude

Shoes (sandals, shoes, hiking boots, comfortable shoes!)

Sun Hat!

Rain jacket (as light as possible)

Clothes (comfortable, avoid cotton)

Small $ Bills

     Daily run for ice (beer coolers, food coolers)

     $3 / 10lb bag at nearest store


Anything else

     If you will need it, bring it!!!

There is running water available for drinking/washing. 

Showers and bathrooms are available as well as porta-potties.

Highly recommended:

Hiking boots/shoes

Camelbak / water reservoir

Sunglasses (with UV protection!!)

Non-Cotton Socks

Non-Cotton everything

Gloves (yes, even in summer)



Bathing suit (Nearby Valley View Hot Springs is clothing optional; nearby Joyful Journey Hot Springs is clothing required)

Great Sand Dunes National Park:

Sunglasses and/or goggles

Face mask/covering/handkerchief

Something that covers your ears

- fresh waxed rock skis/snowboard?

The wind made the sand dunes and it is a powerful force.  If you venture into the sand dunes, prepare for high winds blowing sand in all directions.  There is an optional  outing to play music and picnic at the base of the dunes.

- Bottle of liquor

      for "Whiskey Rock" (communal)

- America The Beautiful Pass

     (if you have one)

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If you are flying, send an email to to arrange any items that you are unable to bring.  We are flexible and we will make it happen for you!!