Andy Reiner

Banks of the Kennebec

Beer in the Bodhran

Big Greene Men

Blue Sky Basin

Brian The Seagull

Buddha’s Trip To Quebec

Cape Breton Jellyfish

Cecret Lake

Charles At 5

Chris Turners Leap Of Faith Into

     The Fire At Winnie’s House

Clacking Paddles In Maine


Devil’s Castle

Dogleg Chute

Drunken Mosquitos

Fiddle Woody Jones

Flight of the Banshee

Four Tuxedos Underwater

Hook Of The Hamate

The Kelp Dance

Lady B’s ADBDC

Lemon of Reality

Little Greene Men

Lone Pine


Maniac Strathspey

March of the Evil Penguins

Marshmallow Icefish Dinosaur


Munster Canal

Northern Exposure

On The Porch Of Cabin Bob

One More For The Road

Ouzel Falls

Phantom Geese

Reverse Exploding Snowflakes



Stash’s Lamentation For The

      Death of His Second Wife

Still Waiting For Snow

The Strathspey King

Studio 54

The Superslip Jig

Tenafly Boogie

Transylvanian Waltz

Tripleslip +(Harmony)

Twin Peaks


Waiting For Snow



Whipple Hill

Whipple Hill Strathspey


Beta Pack 1 -

     Cellosaurus Stomp

     Dragon's Tooth Polska

     Dream Lake


     Manitoba Sunset


     Rabbit Lake

     Road to Gallifrey

     Shasta Nightfall

     Stump Tailed Coon Rat

     Turnagain Pass

Beta Pack 2 -


     Bubbly Brook

     Dearest Nana

     Eyeball Tacos

     Granite Creek

     Grasshopper on the Fiddle Case

     High Tea

     Keepin' it Rootian

     Kick Up the Leaves

     Scared Rock

     The Dissent *Award-Winning Tune

Beta Pack 3 -

     Bronwyn's Shottis

     Drizzly Day Jig

     Elephant Dragon

     Four Pines

     High Tea

     Loveland Shakedown

     Mount Shuksan

     Peter and Diane

     The Big Porcini

     The Cider Press

     The Scattering of the Harps in a

          Giant Swath

Beta Pack 4 -

     Chasm Waltz


     Crunchy Underfoot

     Get Serious

     High Avalanche Danger



     Risky Walk


     Tom Morley's

     Waltz for Kate and Nick

Beta Pack 5 -

     A Running

     Avocados Not Bullets

     Big Eddy

     Invisible Mountain Duck

     Lettuce Inn

     Lost Name

     Powder Day

     Reduction Destruction

     Scarecrow Shakedown

     Secret Glade

     Tonesome Limes

Beta Pack 6 -

     Beth and KD's Reel

     Cacti High Five

     Gravel Road to Etosha

     Frozen Snow-Covered Bull Wheel

     Hidden Valley

     Immortal Rhubarb


     Pika Picnic

     Polka Polska

     Oryx Holiday

     Tail of Polaris     

     Wind That Knocked Over

          the Fence

     + more as they are written!

Collaboratively Composed Tunes

Volume 1 (43 Tunes)  Volume 2 (10 Tunes)

Active B's



The Alpolka

The Battle of Skydiving Squirrels

Bellows Falls Jig

Blue Ridge Mountain Jig

Carolina Reel

The Charleston Waltz

Crazy Flying Yig-Fish

Crooked River

Dancing in the Rain


Down the Up String

Dragonfly on the Fiddle Bow


Enchanted Angels

The Falling Pebble

Fire Forrest

Forest Troll


Humingbird in the Midnight Zone

Jailbreak Reel

Jello Train

Jumping Penguins

Jurasta Waltz

Katie McNally's Reel

Legible Lawnmower

Muffin With a Parachute

Narwhal Castle

Off To Lunch

Old Town Fog

Porter on the Fence

Possum in the Shrubbery

Queen Elizabeth's Pipes

Rooster Jig


Ruby's Laser

The Salty Sailor's Reel

Spring Point Waltz

The Sorcerer Squirrel

The Sorcerer's Charm

The Sour Water Jig

Squirrel Tape Reel

Summertime Reel

Swept Away

Under The Rock

The Unicorn Jig

Untitled SWB 2015 Tune

Whitewater Dungeon

Year of the Bird

Cellosaurus Stomp

Grasshopper on the

     Fiddle Case

Keepin it Rootian


Shasta Nightfall

Stump Tailed Coon Rat

Cacti High Five

Immortal Rhubarb

Oryx Holiday

Polka Polska