Andy Reiner

   "Equally amazing as a prolific composer/arranger, performer, and educator, Andy Reiner IS the complete package. One of the most well-rounded young artists in contemporary string playing, Andy carries himself with the wisdom of someone twice his years, bringing a self-assured presence, unique voice,  refreshing optimism and all-around positivity to every project he is a part of, setting a tone for all who work with him in any capacity to feel total joy and affirmation, (which is what we should feel whenever we are doing music!)

   I don't think I have ever met someone as young as Andy who gets it on so many levels, displaying such maturity and passion for being of service to students and teachers. When he taught at my camp, he worked harder than anyone, slept less than anyone, and consistently wore the most genuine smile. He made everyone feel welcome and included. My own daughter, who has seen every virtuoso under the sun, was most impressed with Andy and made me buy his t-shirt and all his cd's at a time in her development when I was afraid she might give up on the violin.  Hire Andy Reiner NOW, because in five years his calendar will be absolutely full and none of us will be able to afford him!!"

-Christian Howes, violinist, entrepreneur, performer, educator, producer, director of Creative Strings Academy and Creative Strings Workshop

   "I knew from the first time I met Andy Reiner that he would become a major player in the American music revolution.  His enthusiasm for elevating American folk music to its rightful place among our national treasures coupled with his unique personal creativity has been an inspiration to string students at many camps and workshops throughout the US.  Andy's ability to guide young folks to realize their own creativity through composition and improvisation is magical.  I wouldn't think of running a music camp without Andy's presence as a performer and teacher!"

-Pamela Wiley, 41 year violin teaching veteran, editor, lead teacher trainer and a camp director for the O'Connor Method Books

   “I have had the pleasure of working with Andy Reiner as a performer, teacher and composer.  Andy's music is very appealing to performers and audiences alike.  My students loved performing "Cluck Old Hen,” "Blue Sky Basin,” and “Solitary Cloud.”  His music displays a high level of compositional craft, and the parts, while challenging, are very satisfying for string players.  There is a sense of humor and joy in Andy's music that is truly unique.  I recommend him highly.”

- Enrique Lasansky, DMA

Director of Orchestras

Denver School of the Arts

"Andy Reiner was great to work with!  He really connected with my students leaving them feeling inspired to create and excited about music.  If you get the chance, bring him to your school!"

- Seth Gamba

Orchestra Director at Fulton County Schools, GA